Nikon F2 是一部經典相機,是全機械式操作, 於1971年推出,快門速度達至1/2000秒, 擁有翻揭式機背,與MD-2捲片器和MB-1電池盒(使用10粒 2A 電池)一起使用,可提供最高每秒5格的連續拍攝速度




The Nikon F2 is a classic camera. It is a fully mechanical controlled camera. It was launched in 1971. The shutter speed is up to 1/2000 second, a swing open back. Use with Motor Drive MD-2 and Battery Pack MB-1(use 10 2A Battery), it can provide continuous shooting up to 5 frames per second


The camera, Motor Drive and battery Pack are in Perfect working order, the shutter is accurate, the Level  prism viewfinder is clean and clear, Cosmetic is in Perfect condition

Nikon F2 Silver With Eye Level Prism Viewfinder + MD-2 + MB-1 ​


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