M5 推出時是一部劃時代的M系相機, 把當時最尖端技術及設計放進這相機中, 機身及內部機械系統紮實堅固, 操作方面, 快門速度及測光資料, 在觀景窗中清楚看到, 指針顯示測光情況, 讓攝影師能更詳細掌握測光資料, 快門輪微微於機身頂部突出, 可輕易調校快門速度, 拍攝更方便靈活, 得心應手


這相機是100%正常操作狀態, 快門及測光準確, 外觀極佳, 跟原裝盒, 如有興趣請到本店參觀


In perfect working order, Rangefinder is accurate and bright, Viewfinder is clean & clear, Meter and Shutter is accurate, Cosmetic in perfect condition

M5 was introduced in 1971. The camera features a through-the-lens powered by a CdS cell. The shutter swings out of the ligature ht path before the exposure is made. Frame selector preview lever for 35, 50, 90 and 135nmm bright line frame. Viewfinder also has area coinciding with meter area.

Leica M5 Chrome 2 strap lugs version 10501 Yr1971-72 with box and paper


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