Leica Elmar-M 50mm f2.8 collapsible (M6J)


這枝鏡頭是於1994年為紀念M3生產40周年而推出, 限量1640枝, 鏡身擁有別於其他鏡頭的序號, 收藏價值極高, 市場上一般都要連機身購買, 很難得遇到可單買鏡頭

它的特色是擁有 Elmar 傳統味道, 反差和飽和度都平衡得極好




Lens is Clean and Clear in perfect condition, Cosmetic in perfect condition.


This lens is to commemorates 40 years of the Leica-M series.  Only 1640 pcs were produced.  

Contrast is medium-high with crisp definition of delineation of larger subject details.  Fine textural details are recorded with good fidelity.  Extreme corners are a bit weak, but the iniform image quality over most of the picture area make it very useful for full frame coverage in close range and medium distances.  Stop down, the contrast improves as does the definition of fine detail.



*Price for Lens only, Camera is Not included

Leica Elmar-M 50mm f2.8 Collapsible From M6J with original hood 12549


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